Wow, you really did it.

You filled the entire omniverse with nothing but sushi beans. You hit true infinity™. I'd say that takes true dedication.
You took hours, minutes, and seconds.

I just want to thank you for supporting me by coming along on this journey with me.
Thank you for playing this dumb game I made for a tournament (and for my friends!).
Also, thank you to the people on discord for giving me feedback. You lot are fantastic.

If you want to start again, you can press the button below. Who knows, try speedrunning the game!

And for the last time, I really don't know what sushi beans are.

Sushi beans:

Sushi beans: Infinity

Sushi beans: 0

Your current goal is to reach infinity (10^308) sushi beans!
Shouldn't take too long.

You are earning 0 sbps

You are earning 0 sbpsps

You have 0 prestige points, giving you a 0x multiplier

If you prestige now, your multiplier will become 0x

Uh-oh spaghetti-o's, you've reached

Infinity sushi beans

You've filled the entire universe with nothing but sushi beans.
There's nothing to do but press the button to COLLAPSE your sushi beans into a sushi singularity.

Hold on, wait a second!

The sushiverse can't sustain rational concepts like "life". In order to ascend beyond your home universe and expand your sushi bean empire, you'll have to give up your humanity and become an emotionless sushi factory.

Do you really want to do that just for more sushi beans? Please, think about this!


Singularities: 0

Total singularities: 0


You've managed to bring with you:
10 sushi bean autoclickers
10 prestige autoclickers
Gun (for safety)

Your game is less active and more idle from now on.

Your multiplier power is 100

Heavenly Dice

The result of the dice will multiply your power.


You can roll again in 0 secs


This is it. You've made so many sushi beans that they're now producing more of themselves.

This is the beginning of the end.

Sushi Beans v2.4.1 - The final update


Turn on/off sushi bean autoclickers

Turn on/off prestige autoclickers

Turn on/off collapse autoclickers


"What even are sushi beans?" -everyone

You've been playing for h m s

You have made sushi beans times

You are auto-making sushi beans 0 time(s) per second

You are auto-prestiging 0 time(s) per second

You are auto-collapsing 0 time(s) per 10 seconds